Do it on a MONSTA.....Have the time of your life! RED-THUNDA TRIKE TOURS,Birth of a MONSTA

"Do it on a MONSTA ...... Have the time of your life!"

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Birth Certificate

Birth of a MONSTA

The MONSTA Trike was created after countless hours of tedious engineering of a dream to revolutionize the world of triking

Due to the MONSTA's whopping weight of 830kg, it promotes "safety" for all ages from infant to 100 years plus, and has shown stability in road handling as to steering.   Being 1850mm wide and independent suspension, it gives you the comfort of a convertible - like a car on 3 wheels with a lot of grunt.

With 54 lights blazing, it's a "show pony".   Not for those who wish to hide,  though with a 55 litre tank, it will fuel those endless dreams

Those who "Tame the MONSTA", "Cruise in Luxury", comforted by a generous padded seat with back rest, lap sash seat belts for two, stretch out foot pads for the long haul. As the thrust is behind you with the road ahead drawing closer, one will then realize all this excitement is rocketed by a fuel injected, water cooled, gutsy 2 litre Subaru mucho power plant. This Trike, under the Federal Road Transport, is classified as a motor vehicle - not a motor cycle.   Granny can't fall off!

With your heart pounding in first gear and looking like an astronaut, your adrenaline surges as the 3 speed auto transmission with electric over drive leaps to reality and beyond. . . . We supply helmets, jackets, gloves, protective eyewear and communication head-sets.

To complete the recipe of Triking-Mania, you supply your body . . . alive! . . . What a combination! . . . WOW!

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"Have I got a Devil of a Time for You!"

Be a Devil . . . . Do it with a Friend . . . . It's MONSTA-MANIA!

"Bring a Friend" . . . . . "Put some exciting triking in your life!"
Hot trots in Paradise . . . . . . . . Do it on the MONSTA!